Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area only

ACD-HAPKIDO is a practical mixed system based on Hapkido, BJJ, MMA, Krav Maga & L.E. Control Tactics. It is a full range self defense and Martial Arts System.


Remember… the most important person on the mat is your training partner.  ALWAYS respect your partner.

SOME bumps & bruises in training is to be expected, NEVER injure your training partners. Respect & control in all things.

I offer private lessons or small group classes (bring a friend) in Hapkido, Self Defense or L.E. Control Tactics.  I'm a busy active LEO/FTO/D.T. Instructor and still actively train in the martial arts myself. I only have limited time-slots to train students.

Preference is given to students employed in law enforcement, corrections, parole/probation, government or private security/loss prevention. However, I will train civilians interested in self-defense, control tactics, or Hapkido. E-mail me for time-slots and information.


(*Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area only)

E-mail me for info. about training...


Mail: Hapki-Concepts-5729 Main St. #370 Springfield, OR 97478

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